Middle Grade Mythology

Ever since Percy Jackson hit the shelves, kids haven’t slowed in their quest for more stories about the ancient gods. Thankfully, Rick Riordan continues to deliver. He has five series under his belt, and he just keeps going. He’s now put his stamp of approval on books that expand beyond Greek and Roman mythology. Turns out, many cultures have their own set of gods and it all makes for one action-packed adventure. If you’re new to mythology, Riordan will keep you busy for a LONG time. If you’re ready for something new, check out these other fantastic series.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (Greek)

This is the book that started it all. Percy Jackson learns that he is a demigod. His father is the one and only Poseidon. His mom sends him to Camp Half-Blood to be with other demigods like him. But there is unrest among the gods. Zeus’ lightning bolt has been stolen. Percy and two of his friends travel to Hades to retrieve it. A mythological feast for the soul.

The Flame of Olympus by Kate O’Hearn (Roman)

Mt. Olympus is under attack by the Nirads. The only weapon that can defeat them is the gold from Pegasus’ bridle. When Paelen steals the bridle, Jupiter zaps them both with lightning and they end up in modern Manhattan. Pegasus lies wounded on the roof of Emily’s apartment building, Paelen is being held against his will by a secret government agency, and the Nirads are making their way to Manhattan.

The Cronus Chronicles by Anne Ursu (Greek)

Soon after Charlotte’s cousin, Zee, arrives, the kids at her school come down with a strange illness. Zee knows he is somehow responsible. As they begin to put the pieces together, they are tricked into entering the Underworld, where Philonecron wants to create an army of shadow children to overthrow Hades.

Frostborn by Lou Anders (Norse)

Frost giants inhabit the cold, northern region of Scandinavia. Thianna is a half-breed frost giant who detests her human side. Karn is the son of a farmer. When they meet at a market fair, they don’t expect to get along. They part ways, but their paths continue to cross as they encounter trolls, Afterwalkers (the undead), wyverns (dragons), and a huntress who wants Thianna’s magical horn.

Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis (Roman, Greek, Egyptian)

Jack awakens in a strange hospital room only to learn he’s actually at an institute on a private island. He and the three other teens at the institute have inherited a genetic abnormality that can only be cured with the magic of 7 loculi located at the sites of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. In their search for the loculi they climb and tunnel through a volcano, find healing water, battle mythical creatures and reconstruct the Colossus statue in Greece. 

Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi (Hindu)

Aru Shah lives in a museum of Indian treasures. When she lights a special lamp to impress some friends, she accidentally frees a demon who wants to destroy the world. As a reincarnated Pandava brother, she and her Pandava twin, Mini, must defeat the Sleeper and restore order to the world. Along the way they will meet Hindu Gods, mythological creatures, receive magical gifts, visit the Night Market and the Underworld. 

The Mark of the Thief by Jennifer Nielsen (Roman)

Caesar’s treasure is rumored to lie deep in a cavern guarded by a griffin. Everyone who ever attempts to steal it, dies. Nic has no choice when he is ordered down the shaft by Rome’s head general. Although the griffin slashes his shoulder with its talon, Nic manages to steal the bulla and escape. Soon two opposing officials in Rome are after him, hoping to use his newly acquired power to save or destroy Rome.

The Storm Runner by J. C. Cervantes (Maya)

When Zane, his three-legged dog, and his new shapeshifting friend Brooks enter the volcano behind his house, all Hell breaks loose. Literally. Zane, a demigod, is prophesied to release the big, bad, cruel god of the underworld from his prison in the volcano. With Zane’s dog and Brooks both in trouble, Zane will do anything to save them, including making a deal with the God of Death.

Goddess Girls: Athena the Brain by Joan Holub (Greek)

Athena has just learned that her father is Zeus and he is summoning her to Mount Olympus Academy. She quickly becomes friends with Aphrodite, Artemis and Persephone, but manages to make an enemy of Medusa. She learns to manipulate mortal heroes in her Hero-ology class, create something exciting for the invention competition, and turn the tables on Medusa. 

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