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Middle Grade Books About Summer Vacation

Oh, the sweet memories of summer vacation. Lazy days on the beach. Canoe rides on the lake. Summer theatre. Summer friends. Ice cream cones. Long rides in the car. Endless miles of bike riding. Puzzles and games. Sunshine. Rain. Books. Family. Nothing can quite compare to the freedom that comes with summer. Immerse yourself in… Continue reading Middle Grade Books About Summer Vacation

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Middle Grade Soccer Stories

Professional soccer has been slow to catch on in the U.S., but it's finally attracting an impressive following, especially with women. It's been a mainstream youth sport for the last couple of decades, so naturally kids look for it in the books they read. Though not as prevalent as basketball, football, or baseball, there are… Continue reading Middle Grade Soccer Stories


Middle Grade Books About Acquired Diseases

Throughout history infectious diseases have caused widespread epidemics, killing millions at a time. Until doctors began to understand what caused disease there was no stopping them. Once they figured it out, along with an understanding of how they spread, they could get down to the business of eradicating disease. The detective work it took to… Continue reading Middle Grade Books About Acquired Diseases

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Books About Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Kids like to see themselves in books, but they also crave understanding of those who are not like them. Diversity of every type is a common theme in children's literature. This list focuses on kids with behaviors on the autism spectrum. It could be the main character or a sibling of the main character with… Continue reading Books About Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Historical Fiction

Civil War Historical Fiction

Certain topics in historical fiction have struggled over the years. The Civil War tops that list. Many books once considered classics and award winners have not stood the test of time with today's youth. They want drama, details, and an emotional connection. On the other hand, they want simplicity. Finally, after reading, or attempting to… Continue reading Civil War Historical Fiction

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Middle Grade Baseball Stories

Opening Day. The National Anthem. Throwing out the first pitch. Peanuts and Cracker Jacks. These books capture the spirit of the American pastime. From dedicated sports authors Mike Lupica, Tim Green, and John Feinstein to those branching out into new territory, every book on this list is a winner. Mascot by Antony John Noah is… Continue reading Middle Grade Baseball Stories


Middle Grade Survival Nonfiction

Let's face it. Survival stories are high drama, high adventure, high entertainment. Everyone, including kids, loves a good survival story. No one knows this better than Tod Olson. He has taken survival nonfiction to the next level. His Lost series is second to none for easy narration packed with details. He currently has four books… Continue reading Middle Grade Survival Nonfiction


Middle Grade Civil Rights Nonfiction

Even as the United States condemned Hitler and the Holocaust, political leaders in the south held fast to the idea that black people were inferior to white people. Policemen, the KKK, and most white people in the south ignored U.S. integration laws and continued to demoralize black people, sometimes beating them or killing them without… Continue reading Middle Grade Civil Rights Nonfiction

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MG Books That Bridge the Generation Gap

Oh, the wisdom of grandparents. And the idiosyncrasies. And the forgetfulness. We have so much to learn before they pass to the great beyond. This list of books captures the magic that bonds the old and the young. The things they say. The things you'll learn. Don't let these books go unread. Louisiana’s Way Home… Continue reading MG Books That Bridge the Generation Gap


Middle Grade Holocaust Nonfiction

No moment in history is more horrific than the Holocaust of World War II. Everyone, including young people, are drawn to the stories of real people who experienced disaster and tragedy. The survivors. The heroes. The monsters. When the Titanic sunk, women and children were saved first. During the Holocaust, they were killed first. Some… Continue reading Middle Grade Holocaust Nonfiction

Historical Fiction

Middle Grade Revolutionary War Stories

  Good Revolutionary War stories are hard to find. In all honesty, many of them are downright boring. This wasn't an easy list to create. I tried to cover many different aspects of the war. These are my top picks for books that are the most likely to keep young people's attention. If you like… Continue reading Middle Grade Revolutionary War Stories


Revolutionary War Nonfiction

Most of us learned our history from dry, boring textbooks, and pretty much can't remember any of it. One of the most well respected children's nonfiction authors, Steve Sheinkin, admits to being one of those boring textbook writers. He's made amends, and two of his books appear on this list. Who knew American history could… Continue reading Revolutionary War Nonfiction

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Middle Grade Road Trip Stories

It's time to hit the road with these excellent stories of adventure on four wheels. The best of the best are Kate DiCamillo's Louisiana's Way Home and Dan Gemeinhart's The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise. Both are Newbery worthy. If you're looking for a dose of humor with your adventure then check out Dan Gutman's… Continue reading Middle Grade Road Trip Stories

Best of the Year

Best MG Books of 2018

These are my picks for the BEST books of 2018. A must for every middle grade library. If only there were more awards to go around. Front Desk by Kelly Yang (Historical) When Mia's father loses his restaurant job, they move to Anaheim, CA to manage a motel. At first it seems like a dream… Continue reading Best MG Books of 2018