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Newbery Books Kids Will Love

Let's face it. The books selected to win the Newbery Award don't always appeal to kids. In fact, I've often heard kids say that Newbery books "aren't any good." I contend that if you sift through all those books with gold seals, there are bound to be some "good" ones. Here are my picks for… Continue reading Newbery Books Kids Will Love

Best of the Year, Realistic Fiction

Best of 2019

Picking the best books of the year is always hard. Undoubtedly some great ones get missed. One thing is for sure in 2019. The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart solidly beats out all the others. My favorites are those from consistent performers like Kate DiCamillo, but I've taken notice of up-and-coming talent… Continue reading Best of 2019

Best of the Year

Best MG Books of 2018

These are my picks for the BEST books of 2018. A must for every middle grade library. If only there were more awards to go around. Front Desk by Kelly Yang (Historical) When Mia's father loses his restaurant job, they move to Anaheim, CA to manage a motel. At first it seems like a dream… Continue reading Best MG Books of 2018