Middle Grade Survival Nonfiction

Let's face it. Survival stories are high drama, high adventure, high entertainment. Everyone, including kids, loves a good survival story. No one knows this better than Tod Olson. He has taken survival nonfiction to the next level. His Lost series is second to none for easy narration packed with details. He currently has four books… Continue reading Middle Grade Survival Nonfiction


World War II Nonfiction

World War II, especially Hitler and the annihilation of the Jews, is a topic that sells itself. We will never stop being shocked by what Hitler did. Some of those books are on this list. But that is only a piece of the World War II story. There was the war with Japan that came… Continue reading World War II Nonfiction

Realistic Fiction

Middle Grade Survival Fiction

Surprisingly, there aren't as many great survival books as I thought. Boys especially like a good adventure packed with thrills, suspense, and survival curveballs. These books are the best I've read and are guaranteed to appeal to all adventure enthusiasts, both boys and girls. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (series) Brian is a teenager flying in… Continue reading Middle Grade Survival Fiction